Company Policies

FIELD of APPLICATION: The company MAC3 snc deals with the design and manufacture of moulds for thermoplastics. In addition, the company also has a production department dedicated to injection moulding.

The Management of MAC3 snc has defined its Quality Management System in order to maintain the quality and reliability of its professional services at high levels, to guarantee and satisfy the needs of competence and transparency that customers require.

The Management of MAC3 snc has implemented its Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

MAC3 snc's objective is to involve its stakeholders in its main processes and disseminate its Quality Policy in order to:

  • pursue the continuous improvement of all business processes;
  • identify the corporate indicators to be monitored properly, so that quality objectives can be pursued effectively;
  • continuously monitor company processes;
  • understand and adequately manage the needs and expectations of the stakeholders involved in company processes;
  • comply with statutory and regulatory requirements stipulated by its field of reference;
  • strive to meet customer requirements;
  • engage in the identification and qualification of suppliers who can guarantee high standards of performance for all those supplies that impact significantly on company processes and the realisation of the finished product;
  • continuously improve both manufacturing processes and customer service;
  • limit as much as possible the number of complaints received from customers;
  • continuously increase and diversify its customer base;
  • make transparent the application of system procedures in the context in which the company operates;
  • increase, in order to increase motivation, employee involvement through an even deeper understanding of the company's Quality Management System;
  • continuously engage in staff technical training in order to keep up to date on the technical and technological innovations of the sector;
  • continuously monitor the presence on the market of new design software able to meet the expectations set by the quality standards set by the customers;
  • properly manage the non-conformities found both on incoming materials or moulds, either on the finished product before delivery to the customer, and non-conformities related to the incorrect application of the applicable company procedures;
  • to continuously analyse the risks and opportunities within the context in which the company operates, in order to intervene in a preventive sense with respect to the occurrence of possible non-conformities;
  • ensure a constant involvement of the company management in company processes and the correct application of the Quality Management System.

The Management of MAC3 snc makes the above objectives subject to analysis in the Quality System Review by the Management. The Quality Policy is reviewed at least once a year during the Management Review and in the event of any organisational changes.

To pursue these objectives, the organisation will operate in strategically planning their design and manufacturing activities on an ongoing basis and defining the responsibilities for each production sector. To this end, it is essential that all personnel are involved and aware and constantly commit to the pursuit of quality objectives.

The Quality Policy is implemented daily by all personnel and under the constant attention and supervision of RGQ, the Managers, and the various production sectors; periodically, the General Management will organise meetings to disseminate the principles, objectives and commitments for company quality management, the continuous updating and training of personnel is considered an indispensable point of improvement to continue in the commitment of company quality.

The achievement of the objectives will be further tested with the Quality System Review activities and through internal inspections. Any non-conformities recorded by the application of the procedures shall be handled by implementing corrective actions.